February 2014 – Elite ewes can now be fed to dairy cow standards

FARMER owned supply business CCF, with centres at Knighton, Aberystwyth, Tregaron, Machynlleth, Rhayader, Llanbedr, Llanuwchllyn, Trawsfynydd and Gaerwen Uchaf, has developed Elite Ewe 18, a new feed that aims to bring sheep nutrition to the same standards as dairy cows, feeding for milk production to help ewes perform and lambs gain good early growth.

“Productive sheep need high performance feeds if they are to keep healthy themselves and give twin lambs the best start in life. Especially in wet weather conditions that have reduced nutrient levels in fresh grass,” says CCF sheep specialist Jonathan Saer

Elite Ewe 18 is a specialist feed for high performance flocks, with lambing percentages over 160%, and is complementary to all types of forage; grass, hay and silage. “It is specifically designed to help body condition and milk production in twin bearing ewes over the pre- and post-lambing period, when intake levels are reduced,” explains Jonathan.

Manufactured as a 6mm nut, ideal for indoor lambing flocks feeding in troughs, CCF Elite Ewe 18 contains high levels of energy from cereals & Megalac, plus addition by-pass energy from maize. High quality protein is provided from soya, to help increase milk production and lamb growth, while sugar beet pulp & wheatfeed provide slower release digestible fibre to help avoid digestive upsets.

Elite Ewe 18 further supports the new mother’s nutritional needs with vitamin and mineral supplements, including 150 units of Vitamen E. The feed analyses at 6% Oil, 18% Protein, 9% Fibre and 28% Starch and Sugar, with a metabolisable energy content 13Mj/kg. (MER 13). CCF Elite Ewe 18 is not recommended for feeding to lambs or rams.

Advising farmers on the best way to manage feeding of indoor lambing flocks, CCF’s Jonathan Saer offers the following top tips:

  • Group and feed ewes according to their expected lambing – single, twins and triplets
  • Ensure clean, fresh water is always available
  • Feed a maximum of 0.5kg of concentrate feed per ewe per day, split between two feeds
  • Feed at regular times each day
  • Make sure there is at least 45cm of trough space per ewe so all can  feed equally
  • Separate younger ewes to ensure they get their share
  • Clean troughs before putting in fresh food
  • Ensure forage is available before and after concentrate feeding

CCF (Clynderwen and Cardiganshire Farmers), operates nationally from 19 sites across Wales and Boarders. A registered co-operative, wholly owned by its farmer members, CCF provides the latest science based technical advice on all aspects of livestock and arable production, and a range of quality feeds, fertilisers and farm inputs.