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Brassica forage crops – weed control

For the next couple of months there will be a large amount of swedes, turnips, Kale and forage rape established. Often this is a break crop so a chance to get on top of any weed problems before going into another crop or back to grass. Here are some tips on good weed control.

  • Clean seed bed – glyphosate off the ground before ploughing.
  • Between cultivations allow weeds to germinate before cultivating again, this is important if you know charlock is going to be a problem.
  • Drill into a good seed bed that provides good seed to soil contact, then roll lightly.
  • Pre-emergence herbicide. Within 3 days of drilling apply this, it is by far the best means of weed control (see pic).
  • Option 1 pre-em herbicide  – Rapsan (metazachlor) 1.5L/ha + Grounded (adjuvant binding herbicide to soil) 0.4L/ha

Option 2 pre-em herbicide – Rapsan (metazachlor) 1.5L/ha + Gamit 36 CS (clomazone) 0.25L/ha   + Grounded 0.4L/ha


Picture showing option 2 herbicide mix on a CCF customers farm above Pendine. With no herbicide the fat hen and redshank has become so bad it’s completely choked out the swedes.

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